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Greetings! My name is Chris Martin and I am the owner/operator of Nitram Photography. I have been shooting weddings for five years now and am entering my sixth year for 2015. The best part of being a wedding photographer is preserving a special moment in a couple's lives. I really enjoy every celebration because each couple's story is unique. I have a great love for shooting details and emotions, something that every wedding has plenty of. While many wedding photographers have set hours and packages, I keep my offering simple and to the point. I shoot at your start time and I am finished at the last dance for one price. I know this doesn't work for everyone but I don't like to compromise coverage because of an hourly schedule. I don't shoot photography as my main job so I don't feel the pressure to have to shoot weddings. I shoot because I want to.

A little more about myself. I am from Madison, South Dakota and received my Bachelor's at Dakota State in elementary education. I met my wife of 16 years there and we now have three children. In 2008, I received my Master's in educational technology and am currently a technology integrationist for the Harrisburg School District. I am a member of the National Guard and have served for 23 years. I am a veteran with one deployment. I live in Sioux Falls and enjoy camping, fishing, playing music, spending time with my family, and of course photography.