Nick + Tracy

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Nick + Tracy     

     Getting to see former students is great, getting former students as clients is even better! Way back in the day, I taught high school computers in a small town.  I remember Tracy as a very quiet student, yet she always had the greatest smile. I always wondered what was behind that quiet smile and I was so fortunate to get to see her later on in her life as she had a couple of great reasons for it. The next time I saw Tracy after she had graduated was a couple years ago at a wedding show. We briefly caught up and I was very pleased to book her and her fiancé Nick.  They were so awesome to work with right from the get-go.  I could tell they were very open to ideas because they allowed me to bring photo students along on their engagement shoot! It was good experience for them to work with live models. 

     Fast forward to the wedding day. Tracy made such a beautiful bride as her hair was perfect, her dress stunningly beautiful, and her smile still beaming. Her bouquet was one of the most dazzlingly brilliant arrangement of flowers I've seen in a long time.  The colors just seem to pop as if they were almost electric.   I could tell that Nick was ready as his composure was cool, calm, and collected. Tracy and I met him at a local cemetery for their first look. Tracy wanted her father to be close by when Nick saw her for the first time. I'm sure her dad smiled down from heaven as the whole moment seemed so beautiful and organic.  I kept my distance as it all ensued and let them place flowers at her father's grave.  The morning was quickly turning to noon as we were getting shots of just the two of them.  As fate would have it, the Limousine service that they had planned on picking us up was late, and late, and then really late! Their limo had broken down and thus we were stranded for a short while, in July, in 100 degree heat.  Sounds fun, right?!  All the while, Nick and Tracy really never lost their composure. My assistant for the day offered to cram us all into his Mustang full of camping gear and we jumped at the opportunity to get out of the heat! We made it to a small pub in town and at this point I broke protocol and offered them a drink.  




    Eventually the limo with the rest of the wedding party showed up to join in the festivities and I can say that we couldn't have picked a better spot for some pics that turned out absolutely wonderful.  

    From there, we headed to the ceremony site which also happens to be one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues, a local park in town with a beautiful gazebo. I had shot there several times before so I was very familiar with what I had to work with.  Everything about the ceremony was perfect. When all of the elements of a well planned wedding day come together, the results are immeasurable.



I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I love it when a bride (parents, friends, even the groom) puts a good amount of time into the details.  There is such a visual playground to work with and I'll never think that anyone can overdo details for a wedding day! 





The food was great, the wedding party comical, and the reception was a blessing.  The evening's highlight was to release lanterns in the sky for Tracy's father.  It was quite the sight to see the glowing lanterns fill the night sky. I was so grateful that these two put their faith and trust in me, I was so happy to share in their celebration! Blessings to Nick and Tracy and their family. 



Take care all and God bless.  Don't forget to smile.



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