Kyle + Kim

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Kyle + Kim

Kyle and Kim are one of those couples that are so cute and adorable that you can't imagine them with anyone else but each other.  As the picture below depicts, there was a slight height difference between the two.  All jokes aside, this was a fun challenge to try to get the posing just right so each shot didn't necessarily accentuate their vertical inequities.

Their wedding day was a beautiful summer day that went smoothly throughout. The forecast earlier on in the week called for rain.  Kim and I talked a few times back and forth to come up with a back up plan just in case and decided to make lemonade out of lemons in case the weather didn't cooperate.  She went so far as to order some great props like rain boots and umbrellas (all of which she never had to use and was able to take back). Despite a little heat, their cool, calm, and collected persona really kept the day fun, festive, and frolicking!

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Kyle met Kim through a little help from one of Kyle's student's mom.  She played matchmaker for the two and as it turned out, they were both Augustana Vikings.  Starting out the day, my assistant Josh and I met the couple at one of the theater buildings on campus.  They were getting ready in the basement dressing rooms. With no shortage of mirrors, this was fun to try to keep out of frame while still getting the shot!

Kim is not only adorable, she made out to be a gorgeous bride! Kyle turned out to be quite dapper himself.  They were very comfortable in front of the camera as well.  I could have spent hours with them as they kept up such a cute rhythm throughout the day.

Their first look incorporated a little help from the stairs without it making it look like too much help from the stairs. This part of the theater entrance was the perfect place for Kim to make a stunning entry.

I was amused by many in the wedding party for a good portion of the day!  They were all a great, lighthearted bunch. Which, with most weddings, makes or breaks the tone for the whole day.  Working with a great wedding party is always bonus material and makes for greater candid as well as formal shots.


The ceremony and reception came next and really went off without a hitch.  Up until this wedding, I had never photographed a wedding on a college campus, much less in a campus' church. With the beautiful amenities on campus as well as a great church, I would never turn the opportunity to shoot there in the future. 

All great weddings have amazing details and this wedding was no exception.  It's the little things that always make a great impact on the wedding day (not to mention what makes a great wedding album). I was fortunate once again to get the rings ahead of time and I always love when the couple gives me an idea of what they are into.  Turns out, these two are crazy about Harry Potter and as such asked if I could incorporate a necklace called a snitch.  Putting my clever skills to work I think they were very pleased with the results.  

Lastly some more pics of the lovely bride and groom!

I truly wish these two a lifetime of happiness. They were so fun and easy to work with that I almost forgot I was working! What makes a perfect wedding day takes many variables in the right equation.  This was one of those equations.  It's fun to see cute couples in love because it gives you that warm feeling knowing that true love does exist.  

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