John + Brittany

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  John + Brittany
     My first wedding of the year is definitely one for the books.  John and Brittany, are huge baseball fans and they really put a lot of effort making sure that their lineup was complete right down to home plate at the altar!  I was certainly pleased that they had so many pieces come together to really put a grand slam on their scorecard by the end of the day. Every pun intended.  
This wedding was also one of the largest wedding parties that I've shot as well as one of the most challenging when it comes to dealing with the lighting.   Another first for me was shooting at a large convention room as compared to the traditional church setting.
    Before most weddings, I try to plan ahead of time and shoot the rings at least a week ahead of the wedding if I can get access to them  I love avoiding the hectic tension of trying to get the rings placed just right and not miss out on any other parts of the day.  With their baseball theme, my bride also dropped off a brand new baseball to have some fun with.  With fresh cut grass outside and nice overcast skies, I decided to have some fun shooting their rings right in my back yard.  It most definitely helps to live in or near the same city as my couples. That's not always the case though and with some weddings in the past, I have had to work really fast in order to get the ring shots in.
 I really love to hang out to talk to the bride while she's getting ready. It lets me get to know her a little better and to get more details about the rest of the day.  It also helps me with trying to learn the bridesmaid's names which is so handy.   I also have to give out a big thanks to the ladies running the salon.  I know it gets crazy during the getting ready stage and then when you add a wedding photographer running around snapping all sorts of pictures, stress levels can rise.  However, these guys were troopers and really allowed me unrestricted movement through out their salon.  
 Shooting guys getting ready is easy, provided that they aren't getting ready at the exact same time as the bridal party!  After greeting John right away after not seeing him for a while, my assistant and I quickly set up to shoot in an extremely tight room with more than ten warm bodies.  It was fun to see a lot of the banter going on, especially with a majority of the guys watching the NFL draft.  It never fails with men. There seems to be some sporting event on that they would rather be watching (and usually are) when they should be getting ready.
 The whole day went very smoothly and the bride and groom were really cool, calm, and collected.  The real fun started when we hit up the limos and carted around the area.  We started at a park and then at some point a grocery store!  You never really know what's going to happen at this stage in the game.  At one point, one of the bride's sisters was ill and had to bow out eventually. Fortunately the poor dear was able to join back in the festivities at the reception.  When we made it to the reception hall, the fun continued with great food and great decorations still pulling the baseball theme and they really nailed it.  


 I really wanted to thank all of the other vendors that were involved in helping me make memorable pictures.  A highlight for me was The Cake Lady from Sioux Falls as her baseball themed cake was an absolute work of art. The DJ's were a hoot and they really kept the party going and knew how to work the crowd.  I love working with great entertainers! We shot the reception at the El Riad Shrine downtown and at first, I never really cared for the lighting there, but it has really grown on me. Can't actually wait to shoot there again in a week for my next wedding! Enjoy some more pics and have a great day!



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